Spiders   Photo


Spiders are arachnids and predators that feed on insects and other spiders. Their feeding habits make them environmentally significant because they help to reduce populations of insects that can cause harm to people, crops, and gardens. Spiders like to live in quiet, undisturbed areas near food sources and moisture. Our yards offer spiders and the insects they hunt a suitable place to call home, making them a common sight in and around our houses.

Insects like to move into our homes to escape harsh weather or forage for food, and spiders can't help but follow. Luckily having spiders in your home isn't necessarily dangerous, but it should alert you to an overall pest infestation in or around your house that you need to eliminate. While most spiders aren't dangerous, the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider have venom potent enough to cause physical harm to people. Luckily, spiders, as a whole, are not aggressive toward people. Spiders usually only bite people as a way to stop themselves from being harmed.

Use the following prevention tips to help keep spiders and the insects they hunt out of your home:

  • Repair damaged siding, roof shingles, and screens.
  • Place mesh screens over vents and drains leading into your home.
  • Seal spaces around wires and pipes entering your home.
  • Install door sweeps and ensure weather-stripping is around your windows and doors.

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