Rodents   Photo


Rodents are small mammals that we regularly find in our homes. While technically wild animals, they have adapted and developed a close relationship with people. Rodents know that where we live and spend time, there will be safe shelter, food, and water. Unfortunately, the relationship between people and rodents is one-sided, they benefit from us, but rodents aren't helpful to people. When in our homes, they are destructive, disease-spreading, dangerous pests.

Mice and rats are the two most common types of rodents to invade our Jefferson City homes. The easiest ways for most people to tell the two apart are adult mice are smaller than adult rats, and mice have long, slender tails covered in a light layer of fur, while rats have short, thick, scaly tails that lack fur. Whether rats or mice have found their way into your home, it is important to take action to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Partnering with a professional is the best way to identify the rodents in your home, quickly remove them, and keep them from returning. It is also essential to remove their easy access to their basic needs. Keep lids on trash cans, maintain gardens, and keep indoor and outdoor eating areas clean and free of food debris. Quickly repair leaky pipes and fixtures and ensure gutters are clear of debris and don't collect rainwater. Stop curious, agile rodents from being able to easily enter your home by repairing damaged siding, roof shingles, and vents.