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Commercial Pest Control In Jefferson City, MO

Local Pest Control For Your Jefferson City Business

No matter what type of industry your business is in, you know how important it is to maintain your structure and property. If damage occurs, it can negatively impact your business in various ways, so avoiding the problems that lead to property damage is important. One of those problems is a pest infestation.

Not only do pests damage commercial facilities, but they also damage your company’s reputation and can even cause health issues for your employees or customers. To protect your business from pests, you need the experts at Denning Pest Control. Denning Pest Control has been serving companies for over 60 years with local and experienced pest control solutions in Jefferson City. As a third-generation, family-owned business, we care about our community and are committed to providing the services you need for a pest-free business.

What You Can Expect From Our Commercial Pest Control

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Businesses require special considerations when treating them for pests. Denning Pest Control offers the solutions you need, no matter the size of your facility or the scope of your pest problems. We’ll begin with an inspection of your property to look for conducive conditions, do a general walk-through, and talk to you about your concerns.

The first service visit to your property includes interior and exterior treatments. Depending on your pest control needs, we’ll apply treatments to baseboards and walls inside your building, create a protective barrier around the foundation and doors around the exterior of your building, treat entry points, and place rodent bait stations if needed.

We typically perform follow-up services on a monthly basis for most commercial customers. However, if your business needs pest control on a different schedule, we also offer seasonal plans to meet your needs.

Facilities We Service

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A restaurant is the last place you want a pest infestation. Not only will it turn your customers off, but it can also lead to contaminated food. Keep pests out with Denning Pest Control.

a large warehouse building


Pests can easily gain access to a warehouse facility and can be difficult to remove once inside. Let Denning Pest Control use our expertise to eliminate your pest problem.

a large office space

Office Buildings

Your office building will provide a safer environment and a more comfortable workplace if it is pest-free. Denning Pest Control offers the services you need to make it that way.

old wood pews in a church


Keeping your church free of pests makes it a much more inviting space for your members and guests. Denning Pest Control provides the pest control you need.

firemens equipement on hooks

Fire Stations

If pests get into your fire station, they can damage sensitive and important equipment you need to do your job. Keep them out with the help of Denning Pest Control.

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Funeral Homes

People come to you during some of the most difficult times in their lives. Make sure your funeral home is inviting by keeping it pest-free with Denning Pest Control.

Why You Should Choose Denning Pest Control

Discovering a pest infestation in your commercial facility can be scary. You work hard to make your business successful, and pests can be a serious roadblock to that success. Denning Pest Control is your best choice to solve your commercial pest problems.

  • We are a local business and know local pests.
  • We have been in business for over 60 years.
  • We tailor our services to your commercial property’s needs.
  • We provide ongoing services to keep your property pest-free.
  • We warranty our pest control programs.
  • We have the lowest prices available.
  • We are members of several professional organizations, including the National Pest Management Association, the Missouri Pest Management Association, the Jefferson City Board of Realtors, and the Jefferson City Area Chamber of Commerce.
  • We are certified specialists for the Sentricon® System with Always Active™.

You won’t find better, more experienced, or more affordable pest control anywhere else. Denning Pest Control is the right choice for your commercial pest control needs.

Comprehensive Pest Control For Your Business

When pests threaten your business, contact the pest management professionals at Denning Pest Control. We will evaluate the problem and develop a solution tailored to your business’s needs. Our recurring services protect your company in the long term to keep it pest-free. To learn more about our bed bug control and termite control plans, get in touch with us to request your free quote!

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